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Dryer control system

Key Benefits


Substantially reduced cycle times.


Easy operation.

bulletMore efficient operation of the dryers through better control of gas burners & better tailoring of each drying cycle to the linen classification through individual control of temperatures, times, drum movement, etc.
bulletGas burner faults that are at times difficult to diagnose are indicated more clearly.
bulletAll faults are indicated on LCD displays as English messages.
bulletHelp screens for all faults.
bulletFaults are recorded with the date & time that the fault occurred to assist in maintenance. (The last 100 faults for each dryer & the shuttle are recorded).
bulletAll user settings can be changed via a keypad.
bulletPassword protection.



Passat 258 gas dryer control panel  

Shuttle control panel


Click on image for larger view





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Last modified: 01-02-2005