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Batch washer control system

Key Benefits


Highly informative mimic screen showing all machine functions enables the operation of the machine to be seen at a glance.

bulletComprehensive reporting facilities that include production reports, a breakdown of performance & efficiency monitoring, fault logging & statistical analysis of faults, chemical cost breakdown, etc.
bulletThe system links to your computer network to provide production data to any computer on the network.
bulletA total of 100 washing programs are available to enable the correct processing of linen.
bulletFault messages for all machine malfunctions.
bulletTotal control of the washer by a reliable PLC.
bulletElectronic control of the washer drive motors that reduces mechanical shock & increases the reliability & life of drive components.
bulletControl of temperatures via the PLC.
bulletControl of chemical dosing at 16 points on the machine. These points may be at any compartment as desired.
bulletChemical dosing entries are in actual quantities with a separate entry for flow rates allowing accuracy of the system to be maintained easily.
bulletA facility for testing chemical injection is provided for rapid flow rate testing & fault diagnosis.
bulletControl of washer cycle time. (Uses the longest cycle time in the wash zone).
bulletThe system is designed to be extremely easy to operate.
bulletHigh security protection through the use of passwords ensures that only selected personnel are able to alter variables in restricted areas of the system.
bulletAll functions of the machine can be manually activated for maintenance & testing.


ALSCO-NZTS Auckland New Zealand Senking P19-14          Eureka Linen Ballaratt Poensgen PWZ501-12

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